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Recover what’s legally yours

Recover what's legally yours

We make our clients’ goals and challenges our own and strive to create a lasting impact on their lives.


JDK Enterprises, LLC is a Nevada based company located in Reno Nevada and founded for the express purpose of helping people around the country claim the money and or property that is rightfully due them.

Our Approach

An extensive search and negotiation in our database will determine whether a foreclosed homeowner is entitled to this Surplus and whether federal market regulations were followed. Due to our extensive relationship with foreclosure trustees across the country, our staff always maximizes the surplus that you receive.

Firm Overview

As our clients have succeeded, our Firm has flourished. Today JDK Enterprises is in a class of its own, amongst the most respected Surplus Recovery Firms in the country. Our mindset and our day-to-day professional philosophy is to work respectfully and collaboratively with our clients, and this simple, yet imperative principle, is the key to our mutual success.

Our Story

JDK Enterprises is a national surplus recovery firm with the corporate headquarters being based in Reno, NV. We assist homeowners in recovering excess proceeds following a tax or foreclosure sale. Our goal from inception has been ensuring homeowners receive the money that’s rightfully theirs, before it’s claimed by the government.

Committed to helping our clients succeed

We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. No matter the type of case, we come prepared to win. Due to our great relationship with the trustees and county officials, our staff always maximizes the surplus you receive. 



Peggy L.

When we lost our home. JDK called and gave us all the info. We were clueless on how or what to do. Thankfully we had a $50K check in the mail in few months.


Nolan D.

The folks at JDK Enterprises were a pleasure to deal with, very professional. All we had to do was sign an agreement and they did the rest!


Melissa R.

My Wife and I were so frustrated with the courts and covid and we decided to use services of JDK Enterprises. Once we signed the paperwork, it was painless experiences. they kept us updated throughout the process. Considering the courts are crazy right now we received our check on time because of their attorney. I highly recommended their service.


Coralie F.

My brother and I received a letter from JDK Enterprises. stating that we had money that was owned to us by the county of Greenville, SC. The recovery was very reasonable and a lot less than most other companies charged, we received our check promptly after we sent them all the information they needed to prove the money was ours. I would highly recommend using this company's services.


Wanda S,

Trying to overcome hard times financially presents challenges providing a home, having food, pay bills, unable to make ends meet. Ryan's call came as a surprise and answered my prayers. Thank you for your assistance in my time of need with appreciation and gratitude from me and my brother Paul.


Raymond F.

I have worked with multiple surplus recovery firms as an attorney but Ron's vision is quite different from most people in this business. He shows great care for people. Surely, this firm will flourish for many years to come.

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Our Process

Step 1

We do extensive searches through thousands of government, land & court records to locate surplus funds.

Step 2

Once we find the funds we go ahead & perform a detailed search to properly identify the rightful owner or heirs of the estates.


After a free consultation, our client then signs the agreement to hire us & authorize to process the claim at no cost to the client.


After receiving your case, our legal team will begin preparing the necessary paperwork to file the petition. They will also represent you in court hearings and maintain regular communication with the government agency until the full recovery of funds. Typically, this process may take between 1 to 4 months to complete.

In the News


Michigan counties profited off foreclosed homes. Now they may owe millions.

After Clarence Barnes broke his back, he used money from the workers compensation settlement to buy a four-bedroom house just outside of Three Rivers.

After he died from pancreatic cancer in 2018, the property taxes went unpaid.

In the News


Money owed to victims of foreclosure rarely gets to them

What Gragert didn’t know was that a defining traumatic event for him — the loss of his Aurora home to foreclosure not long after the death of his wife two years ago — actually had a bittersweet outcome.

Arapahoe County officials had quietly been holding more than $50,000 for him — funds left over from the foreclosure sale of the house where he had lived and raised a family for 19 years.

Trouble is, no one had told him about it.

In the News


Supreme Court to hear 'property theft' case of 94-year-old Minnesota woman.

Hennepin County seized the home of a 94-year-old woman for unpaid taxes. The county sold the home and kept the Excess Proceeds. Now, her lawsuit has reached the U.S. Supreme Court.

A legal study found “Between 2014 and 2021, Minnesota seized homes from at least 1360 people using this method. The debts averaged about 8% of the homes’ values, amounting to more than $100 million in equity. This is a significant amount of money taken from society’s most vulnerable members, disproportionately affecting elderly, sick, and impoverished individuals.

In the News


Court to Counties – You can’t keep surplus proceeds from tax foreclosure sales

The Michigan Supreme Court recently ruled that local governments cannot keep the surplus proceeds from property sales resulting from tax foreclosures. The ruling has been described as a “bombshell,” and for good reason: It cuts off what is, in some counties, a major revenue stream.

The ruling stems from the cases of Uri Rafaeli and Andre Ohanessian. Rafaeli, who underpaid his 2014 property tax bill by $8.41 ended up owing $285 with interest and penalties. The property was ultimately foreclosed and sold at auction to recoup the unpaid taxes, interest, and penalties with the proceeds from the $24,500 sale going to Oakland County. Ohanessian owed approximately $6,000 in unpaid taxes, interest, penalties, and fees from 2011. As was the case for Rafaeli, Oakland County foreclosed on Ohanessian’s property for the delinquency, sold his property at auction for $82,000, and retained all the proceeds in excess of Ohanessian’s tax debt

Need Help?


Our team has put together the frequently asked questions below. if you still have questions, please feel free to schedule a call with us.

In most cases collecting these funds require a motion or application to be filed with the court or government agency and hiring an attorney on your own could be costly. Attorneys typically charge an hourly rate which needs to be paid whether or not they are successful in recovering the funds.

Complex claims will require extensive work together with the attorney & Assist Asset Recovery, Inc.’s professionals in order to connect the links of the funds to the claimant as well as having the court move the agency holding the funds to release it on that basis.

With JDK Enterprises, LLC. we will advance all attorney’s fees and related expenses. So you invest nothing but your signature. Most importantly, we know how to handle the claim efficiently and effectively.

No. JDK Enterprises, LLC will front all the costs to process the claim, We work on a contingency basis and (you pay nothing unless we successfully collect ) payment is due only when we successfully collect your funds. this is clearly spelled out in the agreement which will be signed between you and JDK Enterprises, LLC.

Depending on the county there may be a statute of limitations where if a certain amount of time passes your funds may be absorbed into the holding agency’s general fund and may become irretrievable.

In any case it is wise to pursue the claim as soon as possible.

here are a number of factors that determine collection time. The complexity of the claim, the laws governing when the money can be released, and how long the claim has been outstanding can all affect processing time. It can be as short as a few weeks or as long as 3-4 months or more. Your claims manager will continually update you with the status of your claim as information becomes available. JDK Asset Recovery Department is committed to expediting your claim as soon as administratively possible. This only makes sense; JDK Enterprises, LLC will only be paid upon successful collection. 

In some jurisdictions, attorneys are used almost exclusively because a formal motion to the district court is required to pursue the claim. The attorney can also request a Judge’s order to release the money. In other areas, the format and requirements to file a claim are easier and an attorney is not needed. The complexity of the claim could also dictate the need for an attorney. In the event that an attorney is retained, JDK Enterprises will advance all the expenses and it will not be taken out of your percentage of the claim.

Proof of ownership must  be established with documentation. In addition, you must provide a certified death certificate for the owner, and signed claim forms for all heirs of the owner (or for the personal representative if the estate remains open). Additional documentation may be required depending on the specific case..

No. You do not have to go to Court; however your attendance at the hearing is welcome. After you sign and return the surplus agreement Surplus Refund Corporation’s attorney will file the necessary legal documents with the Court. You will receive a notice of the Court hearing date however your attendance is not required, that is SRC’s attorneys’ job. JDK Enterprise’s service and goal is to make the Court Surplus Refund process effortless and stress-free for you. 

If you have received a letter or an initial call please contact us ASAP. If you are awaiting paperwork, use the time to study our website or contact your claims manager with any questions.

Upon receiving the initial paperwork, review it and if you are ready to move forward with your claim, complete and send back promptly. Asset Recovery will complete the claims process from there.

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